Watch My Hair Bounce Studio Got a Little Facelift!

Hey ya!

So I opened my salon studio in June. I felt like I didn’t rush to get in there……it seems like I did! I was so uncomfortable in my studio for months! I honestly really didn’t think things through enough as far as functionality for a small(er) space. Well, one day I had an epiphany! It was to make myself an actual color dispensary/mixing area, as well as putting all the products I don’t use often up high and out of reach. Here are the final results!


I got the cubes  and rods for hanging at ikea, and the shelving at Home Depot. I needed more light, so I found some mini crystal chandeliers in The next step is getting my retail off that shelf, and get floating shelves! One step and one day at a time! I also would like to get a couple of spot lights. I thank God for my hubby! He really brought my vision to life.

Peace, love, and hair grease!


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