Getting My Education On With the One and Only Cynthia Lumzy! 


Yeeeaaaahhh,  so I’m a pretty happy gal.

I was perusing my instagram, and saw a post from Cynthia saying that she would be having class in Atlanta on November 1st, 2015! I saw this post like three days before the class!  Of course I was thinking it would be sold out, like why wouldn’t it be?! I got so lucky, I was able to get a spot! I think the max for the class was 15.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.32.34 PM

The class was hosted by a salon in downtown Atlanta.  As a part of Cynthia’s “I Dream in Color Tour”, the class was an 8 hour intensive look and learn color class focusing on color preparation and correction, as well as how to properly lighten the hair to obtain perfect vivid fashion colors every time. She presented some Balayage techniques to us, as well some foiling techniques. We also learned about Malibu C Products too!


Ive been seriously coloring hair for about 12 years now, and when I say seriously I mean by learning the science behind hair color formulations and not playing russian roulette in the color dispensary lol!   Even still, I was able to learn from Cynthia. I absolutely appreciated her stance on questions: the only stupid question, the the question that is never asked.

I was ecstatic to be gaining knowledge from a world renown stylist and colorist, and watch her work. IMG_0092This was an awesome experience, and I hope to one day take another class from her.  I was so inspired, Ive committed myself to attend the Color Symposium in Ft. Lauderdale Florida in September of 2016. In this ever changing industry, there is ALWAYS more room to learn!!







My client Jordan let me dive right into fashion colors the week following Cynthia’s class!

Peace, Love, and Hair Grease!



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