Educator Training at Alfaparf Milano Academy Coral Gables, Florida

How do you bring in 2016? By crushing goals.

In January, I was chosen by my distributor, Life of Riley Salon Supply to apply for an Artistic Educator Position with Alfaparf Milano. We studied at Alfaparf Milano Academy in sunny Coral Gables, Florida (Miami). I was so excited! What a great opportunity to learn and grow! After an intense 3 day interview, I found out a couple of weeks later that I passed the requirements to be an Artistic Educator.

I trained with stylist from all over the country.  What an amazing group of hairstylist!  My roommate Lindsay is from Utah, and we are now officially bread and butter!  I loved sharing my experience with her, she is such an awesome hairstylist. So, if you are in Utah, you need to go see her! Lindsay’s insta is @lindzlane21, she’s in Salt Lake city, and she rocks! She rocks not only as a hairstylist, but as a person as well!

I now have an in depth knowledge of the products that I love and hold dear to my heart. I cannot wait to teach other stylist about Alfaparf Milano!

Here are some more pictures!

 My  Roomie and I on the second day of the Interview. Being silly took the edge off LOL!


Some of the attendees and I….Saro, Me, Armand, Shauna, Cynthia, Lindsay, Pamela, and Clary.  Out to dinner at Havana Harry’s on Le Jeune Rd in Coral Gables. The food was AMAZING!


The last day of training.  We were pooped. Im sad I didn’t get a picture of everyone, Linday and Saro flew out that day.

 Our first day at the Academy.

Fabulous food at Havana Harry’s

This was such an awesome experience.  Thank you to Alfaparf and  Life of Riley Salon Supply.


Much Love!



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