Balayage Class with Sunlights by Candy Shaw


Hey y’all!

I got to take a Balayage class this month!!! Balayage means “to sweep” in French, and the technique of Balayage was created by the French sometime in the 70’s. Balayage was created to mimic the appearance of natural, sun kissed highlights. The technique of Balayage has transformed highlighting as we currently know it, and will most likely replace strategic foiling techniques. Balayage is free form painting of the hair surface, utilizing a clay based lightener, and yields a more natural highlight with very low maintenance. Clay lightener is painted on the top layer of a section of hair in various pattens creating fluidity and movement.  The technique, as well as the results are quite beautiful.  Balayage is used to create  many different looks.  The Sombre and Ombre are often created using Balayage.

Ive been doing Balayage for quite some time, but had never taken a formal class on it.  I am totally a person who can watch, learn, and apply techniques, but it is always a plus to have a deeper understanding on why certain applications give certain results. I totally want more of this class! This class was a look and learn, but I am sooooo ready for the three day hands on course with the one and only Candy Shaw.  I haven’t used sunlights lightener as of yet, I started out with Pravana+Guy Tang Balayage lightener, and have had much success with it.  I will be picking up Sunlights soon for the studio. I loved the fact that you can mix Sunlights with any type of developer!

Here are a few pics of Balayage  during the processing stage that Ive preformed in the studio…….

This is a process coined “graining”. I am using balayage to highlight, as well as lowlights for a high contrast effect.
Here, I am Balayaging on a client with darker hair.  Im using the balayage wrap to incubate the lightener, and keep it from drying out so it continues working.  They say Balayage is best for hair dark blonde to light blonde hair because clay based lighteners only lift about four levels.  If you have dark hair, depending on the level of lightness wanted by the client, you may have to do a couple of sessions of balayage OR do what is called the American Balayage; painting the same patterns on the hair with lightener, but on the inside of a foil for maximum lift.


As a artist and painter,  I friggin love Balayage. I love hair color, period.IMG_2399

Have you thought about transitioning out of foils to a more natural looking highlight?









What are your thoughts on Balayage?


Love , Peace, and Hair Grease!



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